Sweetgrass Braid (Positive Energy)

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Sweetgrass Braid | Smudging Tool 

Bring on the positive vibes!🙌🌈

Sweetgrass represents positivity, strength, and our connection to Mother Earth. Its smell when burned dry is sweet and fresh, somewhat like the comfort of home. When braided, sweetgrass represents love, peace and harmony. It is often used in traditional smudging ceremonies to cleanse and purify a space or a person, and has long been known as a potentially healing herb as it can even be used to fight unwanted bacteria in the air! 


  • Sweetgrass is a sacred plant of Native Americans and is used in peace and healing rituals. Its leaves are dried and made into braids and burned as vanilla scented incense. Burning Sweetgrass is said to purify and clear objects, places and people. 
  • Product of Canada.
  • Sweetgrass is best burned after smudging with sage. 
  • Sage is said to release any negative energy from a space (or person), while sweetgrass is known for bringing in positive, loving energy. 
  • It is always best to ignite your sweetgrass (and sage), with either a match or natural candle. Sweetgrass can be difficult to keep lit, so keep your match or candle handy; a lighter may also be used if necessary.   
  • Directions for smudging with sweetgrass and sage are located below in 'Smudging Directions'.💕
  • ✨Smudging Kit also offered: Sage, Sweetgrass, Feather, Abalone Shell.✨

Size: Each Sweetgrass braid is distinctively unique, and roughly 60 cm in length.

Additional Information

  • Top quality sage is used for clearing, smudging, and cleansing.
  • Top quality sweetgrass promotes happiness and positivity. 
  • Place the sage bundle and sweetgrass in the bottom of an abalone shell or other heat resistant dish; it's also wise to add a little sand for insulation.
  • Ignite the leaves with a match or natural candle, blow out flame and the sage and sweetgrass will release a cloud of white, purifying smoke.
  • When you're finished, cover it with sand and leave it in the container; or you may want to use a touch of water to put it out. When you want to use the bundle again, just shake the sand off. 

Smudging Directions:

Clear a SpaceWhen you want to clear the energy out of a particular space and bring in positive vibes, using sage and sweetgrass is the easiest and most effective way. To begin smudging, take your sage stick and light it in your abalone shell with a match or natural candle. Allow the sage to burn until it begins to smoke. Hold the stick in your dominate hand, and start in the basement of your home/space walking in a clock-wise direction. Start at the beginning of each the room as you make your way upstairs. Waft the smoke around using a feather; or just your hand. If you wish to smudge only a single room in your home, that's okay too. Make sure to do the corners of each room, as that’s where negative and stagnant energy tends to lurk. If you'd like, say an affirmation or intention statement during your smudge, such that anything negative, unwanted or impure is now free to leave. After you are finished burning your sage, burn your sweetgrass using the same directions as given above. This time however, your intention may sound something like this, thank you spirit of this sweetgrass for bringing peace, love and happiness into this space and into my heart. When you are done smudging, you will be pleasantly surprised with how light and positive your space feels. Just make sure to properly extinguish your sage and sweetgrass when your done.  

Clear an ObjectWhen I buy crystals, candles or even new piece of furniture, sage smudging brings clear energy to that particular item. Always smudge a new item received before magical use. 

AromatherapyI love the smell of burning sage and sweetgrass for aromatherapy. You'll understand exactly what I mean, when you start incorporating daily smudging into your life. 

Keep pests at bayBurn sage when sitting outside at night to keep mosquitoes away. Just put the sage in a flame proof container, such as an abalone shell, and the smoke will deter bugs and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. 


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