Feather (Smudging)

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Smudging Feather | Turkey Feather

✨Commonly used for traditional smudging to waft smoke, comes this naturally beautiful brown turkey feather. Perfect when smudging with sage and sweetgrass.

💓Using your feather, spread the smudging smoke all around yourself first, then over what it is you are cleansing. Next, walk about the area, person or object you are smudging, fanning the smoke. This clears negativity, cleanses, focuses and purifies that which is being smudged. Quick short movements with the feather breaks up blocked or stagnant energy, long flowing movements smooth out energy, creating a calm, balanced and harmonious energy flow. Perfect when used with sweet grass and sage.💁‍♀️

Size: Each Turkey feature is distinctively beautiful and unique. Roughly 25 - 35 cm.


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