Bath Water Filter (Santevia)

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Bath Water Filter | Santevia 

The Bath Filter reduces contaminants from your water, bringing you and your little ones purified bath water. This filter protects skin from tap water irritants, such as chlorine, that aggravate diaper rash, eczema and, dry and itchy skin.

💖Reduces chlorine up to 99%.

💖Adds healthy minerals magnesium and zinc to nourish skin and hair.

💖Perfect for babies, young children, those with sensitive skin, and anyone who doesn’t want to bathe in chlorinated water. 

💖No installation required. Simply hang over your bath tub faucet and let the water run over and through the Bath Filter. Once your tub is filled, swirl the filter for best results. It can be used with bath soaps and oils in the tub. 

Care instructions: Rinse filter after use. Hang to dry.

 Filter Life: 1-2 months / 100 baths 

The Santevia Bath Filter is not a tub toy. Please do not squeeze filter or use as a body scrubber.

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