Influenzinum 9CH Homeopathic Medicine

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Boiron Influenzinum 9CH | Homeopathic Influenza Remedy 
Flu prevention and treatment all-in-one!🙋‍♀️💖
Feel like you may be experiencing flu-like symptoms, or would like some protection against the seasonal flu? Influenzinum by Boiron Canada, is a homeopathic dilution prepared from the approved seasonal influenza vaccine. 
  • ✅As recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and confirmed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the 2019/2020 composition of influenza vaccine for use in the northern hemisphere is:
  • ✅A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus
  • ✅A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 (H3N2)-like virus
  • ✅B/Colorado/06/2017-like virus (B/Victoria/2/87 lineage)
      • Infants, Children and Adults (Acute Dosing): If experiencing flu-like symptoms, dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Dissolve dose in a small amount of water before administration to children under the age of 2. 
      • For potential protection against the seasonal flu, let the full content of one single dose-tube dissolve under the tongue, once a week for 5 weeks or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.  Dissolve dose in a small amount of water before administration to children under the age of 2. 
      • Risk Information: Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen, Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is not intended to be an alternative to vaccination. Keep out of reach of children. 
      • Safety-sealed for your protection and for product freshness. Do not use if seal is missing or broken. 
      • This product does not require any special storage conditions.
      IngredientsInfluenzinum 9CH
      Non-Medical IngredientsSucrose, lactose.

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