Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Mineral Shower Bar

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Pink Himalayan | Sea Salt Mineral Bar 

Enriched with 84 trace minerals, this unscented pure Pink Himalayan Salt Bar is a new staple in your beauty care regime!  Keeping your skin looking great has never been so easy. 💁‍♀️ This bar is on-point for keeping your skin and body healthy and full of essential minerals.  Pink salt effectively softens and beautifies the skin, while cleaning and detoxifying the pores. 

This bar can be used in the shower or bath. Simply let the warm water of your shower run over the bar and onto your body.  During a bath, let the bar dissolve completely, like a bath bomb. 💦

Bathe in pure minerals, relax and promote your wellness.  This is your year of wellness and self-care.🙋‍♀️ #howewellareyou 

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