Volcanic Ash Pumice Stone

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Pumice Stone 💜

A high-quality, mineral rich natural volcanic ash pumice stone — with rope handle for convenient shower use. 

As a natural ingredient of the planet, this rare volcanic ash pumice stone has some very unique properties including:⤵️

✅- A low weight and subtle abrasiveness, making it an ideal exfoliating tool for the feet and body.
✅- Use to remove foot calluses, stains, corns, heel cracks, thickened skin and dead skin cells! 🙌                ✅- Completely natural and free of toxins that you would normally find in any ordinary pumice stone.
✅- Ergonomically designed for easy use and hold, this natural mineral-rich pumice stone is safe for all ages, and will leave your skin glowing with a soft texture and feel!

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