Wooden (Flower of Life) Manifestation Board

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✨Flower of Life Wooden Sacred Geometry Manifestation & Meditation Crystal Grid | Handcrafted in Bali 


  • Manifest your desires!! 🙋‍♀️💖 — Flower of Life Crystal Grid handcrafted in Bali.
  • This grid involves the placing of stones in a specific energetic sacred geometry pattern based on your specific intent, purpose or goal. The formation of ley lines combined with specific stones (crystals), creates a very strong vortex of Life Force Energy which amplifies your desired intention — is why people have been using them for centuries! 
  • The energy of each crystal you choose, the energy of the actual geometric grid itself (Flower of Life), along with your specific purpose or intention, all work as one energy towards manifesting your desires. These grids work!! They assist your energetic being to tune into your highest vibrational frequency allowing your intention to manifest quickly. 🌟 When you are in alignment with your desires and intentions, deep healing and transformation can occur! Meditate with this board to take your intention setting to the next level! 🧘‍♂️
  • If need be, three separate Crystal Packages, Feathers, White Sage & Lavender and Large Abalone Shells can also be purchased separately on this site.  

What will you need:
Flower of Life Board (like the one shown in the picture)
Activation Wand - Clear Quartz Crystal Point
Peaceful & calm location
Write down or think strongly of your affirmation or intention

Set up steps:
💙1. Place your Crystal Grid in your sacred space.
💙2. Calm your mind, and take deep breaths.
💙3. State your affirmation or intention.
💙4. Set up your crystals on your grid.
💙5. Activate your grid.
💙6. Listen to your intuition, leave your grid set up for as long as it feels right.
💙7. Experience the alignment of your intentions.

How to Activate your Crystal Grid:
🙌1. Place your wand (clear crystal point) in your hand.
🙌2. Point your wand at the Centre Stone of your grid.
🙌3. Starting from the centre, move clockwise, drawing an invisible line energetically connecting each stone, while repeating your intention. 

After completing this step, sit and meditate with your board for as long as you feel it’s right. Focus on your stated intention that has now been cast into the universe, into your sacred board and into your chosen crystals.✨

*Crystals are not included.

*This listing is for a Wooden Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life) Crystal Grid.

Crystal Packages: Are available to purchase for each specific intention below:⤵️

  • Healing & Harmony 🌟
  • Health & Wellness 🙆‍♀️
  • Love & Passion 💖

Wooden Crystal Grid Size - Roughly 23.75 cm width x 1.9 cm height

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