Gravity Water System (Santevia)

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Santevia - Countertop Gravity Water System

The Gravity Water System is Santevia’s most popular system. Crafted for performance, the Gravity Water System gives you the highest quality filtration, which delivers an incredible taste. Santevia’s Gravity Water System creates clean, mineralized alkaline water, optimized for your health.

First set of filters included
Filters Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine & other contaminants
Adds Calcium, Magnesium & trace minerals
Raises the pH level by up to +2.0
Makes water taste fresh & delicious
Replaces 2,920 plastic bottles of water for every year in use
Buy 1 Gravity Water System and give 100 days of clean drinking water to communities living in water poverty
Filter Life:
o Ceramic Pre-filter: Up to 1 year
o Fluoride Filter: 4 months
o Mineral Stones: Up to 2 years
Filter Reminder: Available through Filter Ease
Material: BPA & BPS free SAN plastic
Capacity: 10 L
Countertop Model: White base and tap (included) for use on counter
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