Countertop Water Tower (Santevia)

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Santevia - Countertop Water Filter Tower 

Features: This product filters up to 89.1% of lead from water. The Countertop with Fluoride Filter gives you and your family the highest level of filtration through its multi-stage series of filters, resulting in clean, mineralized alkaline water. Ideal for large families looking for a natural alkaline water system with the highest contamination removal.  


  • Makes water alkaline which helps your body maintain optimal pH.
  • Adds healthy minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals.
  • Ceramic Pre-Filter removes large sized particles such as microplastics, rust, bacteria and sediment.
  • Reduces fluoride up to 98%.
  • Reduces chlorine up to 99%.
  • Reduces agricultural contaminants and heavy metals.
  • Energy balls maintain stones, stabilize and maintain optimal pH.
  • Magnetic dispenser spout realigns water molecules for optimal absorption and quicker hydration.


Lower Tank: 10 litres

Upper Tank: 5 litres 

Filter Life:

Ceramic pre-filter: 1 year

Fluoride Filter: Up to 4 months

Mineral Stones: Up to 2 years 


Height: 59.7 cm

Diameter: 32cm