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Christmas Combo | Christmas Tree Energetic Spray (250mL) + Holiday Peppermint Patty (60mL)❄️

Your Favourite Howe Well Holiday Products together in a discounted package.💃

This Christmas Combo incudes:⤵️

  • 1x Christmas Tree Energetic Spray (250mL)
  • 1x Holiday Peppermint Patty Body Butter (60mL)

Christmas Tree Energetic Spray🎄

This incredible new product is a magical blend of pine, fir, and warming spices like cinnamon. Wonderfully uplifting, vibrant and fresh, this energizing spray will give your whole home the scent of a fresh cut Christmas Tree without the hassle and mess. It will surely get you in the holiday spirit!

Our aromatherapy Christmas Tree Energetic Spray is a pure and natural air freshener enhanced with a Carnelian Crystal. This crystal is a warm & vibrant stone that boosts courage and confidence, as well as the power of true expression! Not only does Carnelian boost self-confidence, it also purifies the blood and improves circulation. We also love the power of organic Fir oil because it helps to balance emotions while soothing anxious feelings!💖

This pure organic essential oil blend offers an energizing boost to stale air, while it’s therapeutic effects create a warm atmospheric vibe, and lift the vibrations in any room instantly. Stacy wanted to create this spray for the last 3 years, and now its FINALLY here!!! This is a Limited-Time only product, so get it while you can!!

- AND - 

Holiday Peppermint Patty - Natural Vick’s Vaporub ❄️

Our special holiday product is baaaaack! 💫

Introducing our Holiday Peppermint Patty Body Butter. It actually smells like a real Peppermint Patty. The perfect gift for anyone - especially for those who love peppermint, cocoa and vanilla! 🥰 Not only is this product highly moisturizing, it's also very therapeutic because of the essential oils it contains. Peppermint will soothe your skin & body, while helping to relieve congestion, sore muscles and aches. Vanilla is a natural anti-inflammatory that calms skin irritation instantly. Apply it after a long day at work, or before bed, and you will feel so relaxed. Use on yourself, or on your child’s chest or back before bed. You can even add a few dabs under their little nose.🤱
Keep your skin hydrated in the cold winter months and give yourself and your family some Christmas vibes. Only for sale during holiday season!
See individual products for more detailed info. ❄️☃️

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