Organic Beauty, Health & Wellness 

Why we do what we do? It’s simple. We provide astonishingly effective all-natural beauty, health & wellness products and homeopathic-based services for the modern lifestyle. We choose only the very best organic, pure, all-natural ingredients available on planet earth. Our products are highly researched, and are safe for you and your family. We love nature and believe in its many gifts! We are a passion driven business, who stands to promote all things wellness related.

Howe Well - Creator - Stacy Howe is a proud Canadian female Entrepreneur, Wellness Coach, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine (Dietary) Consultant, Nurse, Ionic Foot Detoxification Practitioner, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy Technology. Stacy is also a published author (2008 Medical Journal: Stress and Disease), and is presently studying to become a Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine. Stacy has made it her social mission to promote the natural beauty, health & wellness of her clients, and our beautiful planet. 

Handcrafted, Fresh Organic Products

​All Howe Well handcrafted products are 100% pure, all-natural and organic and contain the rare energy of nature, which is achieved by sourcing only the finest ingredients from all over the planet. Our ingredients are selected for their vital energy and efficiency, and are handcrafted in harmony with nature and the body.

  • No Parabens, Silicones, Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Propylene Glycol, PEGs, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), nor any other chemical additives or preservatives.
  • No Fragrances or Dyes.
  • No Harmful or Harsh Cancer Promoting Agents.
  • No Hormone Disruptors.
  • No Synthetic or Petroleum-derived Ingredients.
  • Non-genetically-modified (non-GMO).
  • ​Our products are not tested on animals, and bring no harm to any plants, animals or to the environment.
  • ​All Howe Well handcrafted products are notified by the Canadian Government.

We choose Certified Organic ingredients as often as possible; exceptions depend upon their availability. When organic ingredients are otherwise unavailable, we chose raw ingredients from various countries world-wide that are known for their ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly farming practices. 

Our Creator

"I didn't start Howe Well for money. I started it by chance, and now I run a kind, and passion-driven business."

- Stacy Howe, Founder

Picture of Howe Well owner & operator Stacy Howe

Biography: Stacy Howe

Howe Well is the next evolution in modern beauty, health & wellness care. Owner & Creator - Stacy Howe - is a proud Canadian female Entrepreneur, Registered Practical Nurse, holds a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy Technology, and she is also presently studying to become a Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine. Stacys diverse educational background in both Western and Eastern approaches to medicine, has enabled her to apply a balanced approach to health care from a non-traditional standpoint. Stacy is committed to optimizing her clients natural beauty, health and wellness by providing her very own handcrafted, all-natural, plant/mineral-based, and highly researched artisan creations. She is also pleased to offer several rare & unique homeopathic health care products, as well as services which include Ionic Foot Detoxification and Herbal & Nutritional Medicine Consultations - by appointment. Stacy is dedicated to the practice of preventative health and medicine, and strives to serve in the best interests of her clients by keeping current with on-going research and clinical education. Just by having a brief conversation with Stacy, you can quickly tell that she is extremely knowledgable and passionate about helping others. Stacy believes that proper health care begins with what we put both onto and into our bodies - as each largely contributes to our overall health & wellness - and she encourages and empowers each of her clients to be active participants in their own health and wellness care.