Keep the positive vibes alive in your space! Here’s some of my own personal tips on howe exactly I do that.


I burn sage first in my shell, to clear out any negative energy and then burn sweetgrass directly afterwards to bring in the positive vibes. If you use a match, that works really well. Sometimes people also use a large feather to help move the smoke around. The sweetgrass is hard to burn sometimes, so you may need to keep it going with a candle (a natural soya or beeswax one is best).


When you're clearing a space, start in the basement (if any), and move in a clockwise direction. Next, move to the upstairs, and continue to ‘smudge’ going clockwise. Negative energy often lingers and hides in the corners of each room, so make sure to do those areas really well. Let the smoke move up the walls (towards the heavens), as you state your intention. Make sure you say out loud or in your mind, what exactly your intention is ex) “dear sacred sage, please drive away any and all negativity from this space, and heart.” The spirit of sage has the power to drive out negative energies, spirits and influences.


After you have completed burning your sage, next burn sweetgrass and repeat the same process.


The powerful spirit of the sweetgrass is used to attract positive energy, and aids in healing after all the negativity has been banished by the sage. Your intention this time may sound something like, “sacred sweetgrass, bring me the positive energy I need to do this work. Help me to become balanced. Purify my soul.”🙏


As you smudge, imagine yourself becoming surrounded by gentle, loving energy, and breathe in positivity, courage, and love. If you're clearing unwanted energy from around your body, make sure to allow the smoke to encompass your entire being. Over your head, and under your feet.


Again, strongly expressing your intention.


I hope that helps, because I often have a lot of customers as me. 


Stacy Howe❤️