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Healthy Children

A lot of my patients ask me about my son Cullan... his diet, the remedies I give him, his immunization protocol, and his overall lifestyle. I’m glad to tell my followers these critical aspects of his life, if it means helping others, especially other children. Cullan is almost four years old now, and he is a little vegetarian organic baby. Not only does he follow a strict diet for Type A blood, he also does not eat meat (neither do I for that matter), as it is incompatible with our blood type. Although some people think that’s insane, I can assure you that my son is the healthiest and happiest toddler you’ll probably ever meet.

I make sure he receives enough plant-based protein, EFAs, as well as several other key nutrients Cullan is also given an organic fruit smoothie daily, loaded with spirulina and vitamin C. He also always has vegetables in the evening, and he drinks filtered mineralized water throughout his day. My son has never had any refined sugar in his life, nor does he eat any processed foods. 

Cullan is given 1ml of vitamin B12 under tongue daily, as well as vitamin D3. I also give him the mineral tissue salts Ferrous Phos (Iron), Kali Phos, Nat Phos, and Silicea. I also spray magnesium on the bottom of his feet twice daily to help keep him calm, to help him sleep, and to ensure he’s getting enough of this essential mineral into his body for his proper growth & development. I use my healing clay mask on his skin if any irritation, cuts or scrapes arise, he is given a daily chewable HMF Child + Multi probiotic, and I always have him take silver (argentium metallicum) daily as prevention. I also give him a homeopathic remedy called Belladonna if a fever ever erupts. Cullan has never had any OTC medications or antibiotics in his life... and he never will.

Since the first month of his life, Cullan has also been “homoeopathically immunized” (not my phrase), also known as homeoprophylaxis (HP) in the USA. It is a 44+ month protocol we follow, which naturally covers all major immunizations. We can also add additional remedies to the protocol if desired. I personally paid $600 for my sons remedies after he was first born, which I was told was based upon a 20 year successful clinical trial.

I am now pleased to offer this service as part of my practice (HP is governed by Free & Healthy Children International). Email: for more details. 

I literally get told almost daily ‘howe’ bright, energetic, polite, and healthy my son is... so I must be doing something right. If you are sick of your kids getting sick, or would just like some natural guidance with your family, book in with me for an an InitiaPediatric Consultation.

Knowing your child's blood type is required. 

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