Homeopathy is True "Health Care"

Homeopathy is True "Health Care"

Ancient healers saw our planet as magical. An all-nourishing mother and healer. The giver of all life, along with the powerful forces of the elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether.

Consider our lives now in modern cities. If you are ill, you get a prescription drug. Most our medicines come from the hospital, doctor, or pharmacy. All are “man-made.” These modern drugs have been processed, refined, potentized, reprocessed and totally stripped of their natural health-giving qualities. The more healing a plant is, the closer it is to the vibrant life force energy that is our planet Earth.

A lot of people now-a-days don’t embrace the concept that our earth is wise, healing, giving and sacred... but, it is!

Did you know that from our youth as a civilization we did not distinguish between our human mother & our earth mother?! We as humans recognized both instinctively. Both bear the truth of belonging, of home.

We come out of our mothers, both of them, knowing this on a deeper level. All our organs, glands, and even our brain is crafted from the raw materials of our Mother Earth. So... of course it makes sense that our body would both understand and greatly benefit from medicine from the Earth. 

We are nothing other than minerals.

Now is the time to recognize it, and get ourselves back to the garden of healing that is right before our very eyes. That’s what Homeopathic Medicine is all about friends!

With unconditional love & light, 

Registered Homeopathic Practitioner - Stacy Howe